Sunday, May 17, 2009


As previously mentioned I will be using 35mm Colour negative film for this project, below is the film I will be using. I have chosen to use this film because I know that using a film that isn't balanced for long exposures/night shots or artificial lighting, hopefully by manipulating what colour and light I allow in my lens, I should be able give the colour shifts and surreal atmosphere to my images that I desire. I have also used this film previously just in some general night shots and noted the colour shift within the results so I feel this will be a good place to start.

As for this 4th Colour layer .... debateable. I just researched what this is supposed to do:

'Fujifilm's 4th Colour Layer Technology delivers exceptionally faithful colour reproduction, even under fluorescent lighting. Thc Colour-sensitive layer enables the films to "see" colour in nearly the same way as the human eye, improving overall colour accuracy'.

Well, I already know that's not true, at least for night shots as it is daylight balanced. I shall use this film anyway, if any problems occur I can always try some others out.


'When you want a really fine-grained and natural-looking result under mixed daylight conditions, Superia 200 is the ideal choice. Equally excellent for people shots, capturing skin tones naturally and beautifully, Superia 200 delivers an image sharpness that many 100 ISO films find hard to equal.
  • Excellent skin tone reproduction makes this film the perfect choice for natural subjects.
  • Refined sharpness for the image quality and clarity you expect from most ISO 100 films.
  • Wide exposure latitude brings excellent results from a wide range of daylight conditions.'

Within the urban landscape there are so many areas that appear vapid and are overlooked, yet at night they can be transformed into a place of beauty, the change in lighting, the shadows and reflections all add to this, some shattered glass can be transformed as can potholes filled with water and demolition sites. Through this work I wish to make visible that which often goes unnoticed, to draw attention to the banal through use of various techniques. The products I use will be integral to making this idea all I hope it can be.

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