Thursday, May 14, 2009


After reading 'Paris By Night' I was intregued to see what one of the most credited photographers ideas and images were like on the subject of night time photography.

The highlights and shadows within these photographs gives a luminous effect, nocturnal Paris appears as a beautiful and alluring city. The use of available light is something I wish to utilise within my own work, I feel that the synthetic lighting in most urban areas will create a surreal and interesting view of the area, the colour shifts and accentuated skies will enhance the style of photography that I am persuing within this project. Below are some of the photographs within the book that I feel most relate to my images and ideas so far.

© Brassai

© Brassai

© Brassai

'In all great cities there are zones which review their true character only after dusk. By day they wear a mask, assume a look of amiable good-fellowship that hoodwinks even the astute.'

- Brassai

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