Friday, May 22, 2009


These are the first images I have taken on film since the beginning of the project, I feel there are some successes here. For this roll of film I took the tram to Butlers Hill (at around 10pm after sunset), stopping at various places along the way and walking until I found something that caught my eye, I also walked along the canalside.

Images 12 & 13 show the reflection of building work in the river, I like the idea of looking at these places in a different way and the ghost like appearance of the structures but I feel that this would be something that could work as another project in itself.

The top image (1) of the moon over a building site is one of my favourite of this set, the vivid red of the foreground against the deep navy of the sky creates a surreal and eerie feeling. I'm not sure that images 5, 7 &8 work here, I think they look too, 'normal' to fit in with the rest of the photographs and also I don't feel they fit in with my idea.

10 & 11 are another pair that I feel have worked really well these were taken at around midnight on a car park rooftop, I really like the textures and colours within these, the dark violet and lavender in the sky against the acidic yellow of the light on the cubic buildings, I like the simple composition within these and feel that this works really well.

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