Sunday, May 24, 2009


1 © Scene Photography

2 © Scene Photography

3 © Scene Photography

4 © Scene Photography

5 © Scene Photography

6 © Scene Photography

7 © Scene Photography

8 © Scene Photography

9 © Scene Photography

Having seen this exhibition in March I remembered some very interesting images that were not too far off from my own ideas and so I researched to find the website online (

Image 3 particularly reminds me of the shots I took on the roof of a cark park shown in the previous post and 8 reminds me of the images I took of reflections in the canal.

Most of these photographs are very impressive but I feel that some are a little cliche, for example numbers 4&6, on the former the light trails possibly feel a little gimicky, I often think, would this picture still look good without the light trails when I see this in an image. As for the latter I'm not keen on the glare from the lights, it looks a little photoshopped to me. Although I particularly like 7 & 9, 7 reminds me of the crossover of nature within the urban landscape and our affects on the environment. In 9 Iparticularly like the way the area is illuminated in the middle and the light falls off towards the edges. This is certainly an intreguing body of work.

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