Thursday, May 28, 2009


This concrete world that surrounds us has become a banal prison, a sea of grey dominates the gritty urban landscape by day. We walk through barely noticing the changes going on around us but by night a transformation occurs, places once overlooked are illuminated by the stark artificial lights and the amber glow of streetlights. Something eerie and mysterious draws you in as this world is lit up like a stage, the abandoned, and hidden is now something beautiful. A new dramatic world is created from greyscale landscape layed out before us.

Within the current climate we love to feel divorced from reality, escapism is alluring and these luminous images give a hint of something that we can imagine to be the future. The use of emanating light and long exposures on film forces the colours into a vivid palette, unseen by the eye this accentuates a further surreal element in the piece and causes us to appreciate each detail of the landscape we once perceived to be mundane.

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