Monday, May 11, 2009

FROM shore TO Shore

You guessed it ... Stephen Shore. Having a keen interest in photography from an extraordinary age Shore received his first darkroom kit at only 6 years old! He started to use 35mm 3 years later and began making his first colour photographs, he soon received Walker Evans Book - American Photographs which he found a great influence.

In 1972 Shore created a series called 'On The Road' which took him across the country photographing the American landscape.

Beverly Boulevard and La Brea Avenue © Stephen Shore

Presidio, Texas © Stephen Shore

Meeting Street, Charleston, South Carolina, August 3, 1975 © Stephen Shore

Church and Second Streets, Easton, Pennsylvania, June 20, 1974 © Stephen Shore

He has a love of the mundane and noteable style of bringing out the colour in even the dullest of scenes, he experiments with light within his images taking at different times of the day, his use of light transforms the scene.

'A picture happens when something inside connects, an experience that changes as the photographer does.'

- Stephen Shore

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